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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

In this class children will learn pre-reading and phonemic awareness skills such as upper and lowercase letter recognition, letter-sound relationships, identification and matching the initial and final sounds of spoken words, blending, adding and segmenting phonemes in order to form new words, recognizing and producing rhyming words. Children will also work on basic math skills such as classification, positions and patterns, sorting, matching and comparing, number recognition and relation, geometry, fractions and probability, developing and applying problem-solving skills.

Class Schedule

Wednesday5:00 pm - 5:45 pmStudio B


Natalia Palazova
In 1992, Natalia graduated from Minsk State Pedagogical University. In 1996, soon after receiving her degree, she moved to Denver and joined the Science, Art, and Sport Center for children as a dance and music teacher. In addition, she taught Kindergarten and Pre-K classes for many years.