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The Science, Art and Sport Center for Children, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1993.

We offer a safe, educational after-school program, designed to provide essential enrichment services, which are not being provided by the Public School system to children.

Our philosophy is based on involving children in programs that will excite them about learning. All classes are taught by highly professional teachers and coaches. Our classes are taught in Russian but all the Teachers are bi-lingual and are able to communicate with English-speaking students.

The Science, Art and Sport Center for Children works with its sponsors to provide a quality learning experience for all the children enrolled in our programs. We appreciate the consistent time and classroom commitment the Jewish Community Center is willing to make which is so important for the smooth operation of The Science, Art and Sport Center for Children. Click for more information on the locations and schedules for upcoming SASC classes.

We have over 200 participants spanning the ages of 3 to 18. With parents and other volunteers, we have an organization that our community can be proud of!

Call 303.517.9145 for more information.

SASC Notes

School year season begins September 1st and ends May 31st.
Summer season lasts for 10 weeks from June to August.

Annual Performance
At the end of school year students participate in a Traditional Annual Performance.

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